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Spill Kits

Be prepared for any spill, before they happen

Don't let spills raise the bills

Breg was the first manufacturer to offer portable kits designed for a mistake-proof spill response. Our kit components ensure your workers always have exactly what they need for a timely response to a range of fluid spills. Just as important, our spill kits help ensure your workers, workplace, and the environment, are protected from dangerous contaminants.

Quicker, more efficient clean-ups mean productivity doesn’t have to suffer in the wake of an emergency. Place spill kits in strategic areas where spills and emergencies are most likely to happen. With all they need close at hand, workers won’t have to waste crucial minutes away from their work station looking for the absorbents they need for the cleanup job!


Universal and Oil Only Absorbents


Oil and Petroleum Based Liquids


Aggressive and Hazardous liquids


Oil and Water Based liquids.