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About Breg Environmental

Devoted to helping preserve a cleaner environment by producing spill-control products made in the USA with pre-consumer, recycled waste which can be safely disposed in accordance with EPA regulations.

Making great products depends on great people.

Since 1985, Breg absorbents have been the first line of defense against industrial spills that threaten the environment and workplace safety. From indoor and outdoor spill control, to facility cleanups and maintenance, Breg has always offered the highest-performing products at the most cost-effective value possible.

When you call Breg, you’ll always get a real person on the line who strives to fulfill your order as quickly as possible and often on the same day. Our knowledgeable representatives can also provide consultative assistance. Call us when you need help preparing for an inspection or when you need to find products compliant with your SPCC Plan.

From the high quality of the absorbents we make, to the attentive one-on-one service we provide, the pride we take in our work is reflected in everything we do.  


BREG Sponge Products Are Proudly Made In The USA.

Breg manufactures superior, American-made absorbents at truly competitive prices. Every Sponge™ Pillow, Boom and Sock we manufacture is made right here at our home base in Fredericksburg, VA. With true American ingenuity, our business runs like a close-knit family with dedicated folks who take pride in the quality of the products we make.

We hand-fill and hand-sew these products for maximized durability and absorbency. Our hand-sewn seams and ends stand up to every challenge, far stronger than the glued seams which often split when the going gets tough.

Rugged and thirsty, our Sponge™ products greatly reduce the number of absorbents you use for each clean up. Using fewer products means a better overall value that also helps lower the expense of solid waste disposal.

As you look through our catalog, you’ll find we manufacture Sponge™ Pillows, Booms and Socks for Basic, Oil Only, Universal and HazMAT uses. Each type has been carefully engineered to tackle the fluids and chemicals for which they were made. For absorbing high-volume spills and leaks, nothing beats Breg’s Sponge™ brand Pillows, Booms and Socks.

We Went Green Before It Was Trendy

Year after year, Breg takes pre-consumer poly and cellulose scrap, which usually ends up in landfills, and uses it in products that help protect the environment and keep workers like yours, safe.

Thanks to our green sensibility, we were the first sorbent manufacturer to have our products certified by the GTS Duratek Incinerable Program. Not only does incinerability help reduce the solid industrial waste that ends up in landfills it also saves your company the expenses related to disposing of it.

There’s another bonus to being green. By using as much 100% recycled material as possible, we can keep our products affordable. We like being green. It’s good for the environment and even better for our customers.